Le Premier Prix a été attribué à „Aporie“ de Christian Helm (SeaM Weimar)

The Foundation Destellos is pleased to announce the results of the Fifth International Competition of Electroacoustic Composition and Visual-music.

The First Prize was given to „Aporie“ by Christian Helm

A Second Prize attributed by Motus organization (France) to „Fragments“ by Corbeil Perron.

A Second Prize in ex-æquo to „Bol Hydre“ by Gilles Gobeil and „Outspread“ by Visa Kuoppala, given by the Foundation Phonos (Spain) and
Musiques et Recherches (Belgium).

Three honorary Mentions were granted to :
„Saxophonique“ by Govaere Stijn, „Empachado“ by Simón Pérez and „Tape“ by Guillaume Cliché.

Were Nominated by the Grand Jury the works :

„Aukera“ by Bjarni Gunnarsson, „The sun warms the memory“ by Sam Salem, „Nomos Delta“ by Dan Tramte, „Elektronie“ by Griselda Labbate, „MintCascade“ by Andrew Dolphin, „Pastorale“ by Karathanasis, „patha“ by Diego Garro (video música), „Irama“ by Felipe Otondo, „Noche castellana“ by Adolfo Núñez, „Still i“ by Ben Thigpen, „Inert“ by Roeland Luyten, „To foglets“ by David Arango Valencia

The members of the jury were:
Trevor Wishart (UK), Luigi Ceccarelli (it), Elizabeth Hoffman (UE), Luis Naon (AR-fr), José Manuel Berenguer (Spain), Eric Broitman and Vincent Laubeuf (Motus-France).

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